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    “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

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As you go through these pages you will see that everything we do is focused on you achieving your desired outcome.

The counselling and therapy that is used at Brief Therapy Ireland is Outcome Oriented. This means that you will be asked to focus on the way you want things to be. Then you and your therapist will focus on your making that Outcome a reality for you.

At Brief Therapy Ireland we seek to work within the least number of sessions. This means that you will only ever be seen for between three and ten sessions. The decision will be totally left up to you. you are the deciding force in your life and you will make the decisions that are best for you, your therapist is only there as a guide and a sounding board.

Sessions cost £65.00 or €80.00 and last for approximately 50 mins.

Hypnotherapy Sessions £80.00 or €95.00 and last for approximately 60 mins

Stop Smoking Hypnosis £350.00/€395.00 two hour session

Supervision £65.00 or €80.00 and last for approximately 50 mins.